Inspiration instructs us, “Far too much sugar is ordinarily used in food. Cakes, sweet puddings, pastries, jellies, jams, are active causes of indigestion. Especially harmful are the custards and puddings in which milk, eggs, and sugar are the chief ingredients. The free use of milk and sugar taken together should be avoided.” (MH 301)  White sugar has been implicated as the cause or contributor to many detrimental health issues. But does eating large quantities of sugar cause a gain of weight? A recent meta-analysis study in the CasinosConsultant
British Medical Journal ( reported the obvious. After reviewing 28 published clinical trials ranging from 2 weeks to 10 years, it was concluded that, “a lower intake of dietary sugar was associated with a lower body weight and measures of adiposity (fat stored in the body), in patients who did not intend to lose weight.” Therefore omitting high sugar foods and beverages can only be beneficial in reducing weight and preventing the gain of unwanted weight. So, instead of drinking that 12 oz. non-caffeine containing soft drink with 12 teaspoons of sugar, drink water which is calorie free and also important in weight management, heart attack and stroke prevention.